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About PT sessions :

These takes place in a small studio based gym with a vast range of equipment available to meet individual needs.Running coaching sessions take place in the local Bournemouth area designed to improve your technique , stamina , times and fitness levels. Sessions are programmed and timetabled for timings which work for you and your routine and last 60 minutes. To include warm up , main session , cool down and stretch. One size doesn't fit all and each client I work with is very unique. I pride myself on my connection with my clients and go above and beyond to understand what motivates them both physically and mentally.

What Conditions Can It Help?
Being overweight , overeating , feeling lethargic , irregular sleep patterns , improving body strength , improved flexibility and posture , lack of motivation / confidence.

What Benefits Can Be Expected?

Improved self esteem , positive thinking , increased fitness level , greater sense of wellbeing and achievement , weight loss , toning , core strength and improved eating habits.

When Will I Start To Feel Fitter And Benefit From Positive Change?

As soon as your sessions start! Starting on your fitness journey is often the hardest part of getting back into a healthy routine. You will feel rewarded from Day One. Go for it !!!!

What Things Can I Do To Get The Most Out Of My Session?

Please bring a bottle of water and a towel to your session with you. Ensure you are well hydrated and that you have had something to eat a few hours before your session.
Your footwear is very important for support and cushioning for your feet , knees and ankles. Please check that your trainers are fit for purpose before your sessions take place. If your shoes are showing signs of wear on the tread it is possible you may need to consider changing them.

ITS TIME TO ......... Love yourself , Respect yourself , Admire yourself , Forgive yourself, Accept yourself , Nurture yourself, .............. TODAY IS THE DAY

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